George Fox: Canadian

"We've got a beaver on the nickel and the Bluenose on the dime, Newfoundland's always half-an-hour ahead of time… A great big maple-leaf on the flag, but we don't like to fuss, we don't like to brag…"

It's obviously Canadian, and it's obviously George Fox. Who better to write a CD reflecting "a personal discovery of Canada". George is back with his first CD in 3 years. He took time to build a barn, spent quality time with his wife Monica, and wrote a collection of short stories entitled "My First Cow." All this after singing his way around the globe, touring Australia with stopovers in South America and Europe.

His new CD is called Canadian, it contains 12 new songs and is the culmination of years of writing, research and crisscrossing this country from Victoria to St. John's "This is my way of taking my hat off to thank Canadians for supporting my career for the last 15 years. I felt like it was time to stand up and show some recognition for the places and people of this country. There is nothing like country music when it comes to conveying a little patriotism, and I'd love to be the voice that sings about what makes Canadians feel proud."

"…You got the moose outside of Moosejaw, the goose outside of Wawa, Sudbury's got their giant nickel just off Highway 69…"

George has been fortunate with his career to achieve a lot of his dreams, 4 CCMA awards for country male vocalist, 3 Junos and 5 Gold Records. Other hi-lights include 4 CBC television specials and 23 top ten hits, including two #1's on Canadian country radio. He hosted the annual CCMA show (broadcast nationally) four consecutive years. All this helped to put George in the vanguard of Canadian Country music.

George reflects on some accomplishments in his High Toned Years:
"I hit the stage playing Ronnie's guitar, in that smoky old Cochrane bar, when the drummer counted 2-3 …Man I felt like I'd been set free… that feeling never quite got away, it's still there in every song that I play…"

"Right now, I'm making music about things that are important in my life, my wife Monica, my country, and my memories of growing up on the ranch in the Foothills of Alberta. I am enjoying life more than ever! You can hear it in the music!"

Fan response to the new CD! Read the reviews...

"This CD is so special. Well, first of all I have to say its really worth the wait, this CD is absolutely full of super beautiful songs, songs so representative of us, Canadians. I must admit it has been very tough to determine which song is my favourite..."
          — Your friend, fan, follower for so long,
Francine Guernon



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