"I Give You My World"

You look pretty as a picture; With those flowers in your hair
Years from now I will remember; This vow I made to show I care
Even as the flowers fade to brown; I will love you then as I do now

I give you my word, I swear that I will;
Love you until, time stands still
Forever I’m yours; for better or worse
I'll stand before God and give you my word
Oh, I do... Give you my word

There must be somebody watching; Over me from up above
'Cause they've sent me an angel; Knowing we'd make a perfect love
I don't know if words can go as deep;
But here's my promise I will keep

(Repeat Chorus)

With God as my witness, let the lightning strike me down
If I should ever break this promise made on sacred ground

(Repeat Chorus)

Music & Lyrics by Kim Tribble & George Fox
©1995 Willdawn Music, a division of Balmur Entertainment/Brian's Dream Publishing (ASCAP)
Trail Of The Fox Music Publishing (SOCAN)


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