A George Fox Christmas

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George Fox - A George Fox Christmas

From the tip of the North Pole all the way “down under” to those “Six White Boomers,” this music helps express what I enjoy at Christmas. I think I’ve had more response to this music over the years than almost any other — it’s an honour to share in the celebration, the wonder, and the reflections when December Arrives.

Mom said, “It’s Santa — out there in the yard”, but I knew it was dad, though he tried awfully hard.

As he yelled, “Merry Christmas, to Bert, Gert and George,” on his feet were the same boots that he wore doing chores”.

‘A George Fox Christmas’ is a favourite album that fans have made a part of their Christmas tradition; a special recording that blends many holiday carols with some unique songs (Three Little Pennies; Six White Boomers) fun family favourites (Santa Lost His Ho Ho Ho) and, of course all the songs George performed on his television Christmas show (When December Arrives).