Pen Writing

Here are some kind words from some kind folks!

  • Personal Review: Greg Shannon

    You've always been a Hall of Fame person George and this recognition of your writing and performing talents is so warranted.

    Quote close: ~ Greg Shannon
  • Personal Review: Tammy

    Incredible show!! George Fox never disappoints!

    Quote close: ~ Tammy
  • Personal Review: Marion

    OMG!! YOU SOUND AWESOME! I can't wait for the show tonight!!

    Quote close: ~ Marion
  • Personal Review: Mark

    George, you sound fantastic! Better than ever! Congrats & more shows please!

    Quote close: ~ Mark
  • Personal Review: Ray

    His first album was awesome, and he continues be a great artist… with [so] much talent. Congrats

    Quote close: ~ Ray
  • Personal Review: Maureena

    Ohhh so great to see George on stage again. That is where he is meant to be!

    Quote close: ~ Maureena
  • Personal Review: Jerry Adophie

    I had so much fun playing with u George. Great music. Great times

    Quote close: ~ Jerry Adophie
  • Personal Review: Bob

    i was at your show at Hollyrood IT WAS EXCELLENT loved every bit of it !!!

    Quote close: ~ Bob
  • Personal Review: Laurie

    Truly the best Canadian artist and friend for me!

    Quote close: ~ Laurie
  • Personal Review: Walters Music Venue

    What a fantastic show you put on at our Music Venue! Let's do it again!!!

    Quote close: ~ Walters Music Venue
  • Personal Review: Wanda

    The BEST Christmas concert my hubby and I’ve ever been to was in Moose Jaw at the Mae Wilson Theatre. Full of laughs, great songs, sentiment, the real meaning of Christmas. The whole package rolled up in one amazing performance. Thx for those amazing memories George Fox

    Quote close: ~ Wanda
  • Personal Review: Scott

    Just like fine wine, you keep getting better. Enjoy the moment, all the best George

    Quote close: ~ Scott
  • Personal Review: Diane

    Love this man, have a good time George, wish i was there to see you

    Quote close: ~ Diane
  • Personal Review: CochraneNow

    Hometown hero George Fox puts on a show to remember

    Quote close: ~ CochraneNow
  • Personal Review: Tammy

    It was an amazing show. Love listening to your music

    Quote close: ~ Tammy
  • Personal Review: Mel

    Congratulations George [on your Hall of Fame induction]! Well deserved recognition for a very talented Alberta Singer Songwriter! It always makes me think of your many great songs when I pass through Cochrane, and see the "George Fox Trail

    Quote close: ~ Mel
  • Personal Review: Beth

    Thank you to George Fox, & Over the Moon for putting on an absolutely fabulous concert last night! We are truly blessed to live in such a wonderful community!

    Quote close: ~ Beth
  • Personal Review: Wendy

    George Fox did a Spectacular, Out of This World Concert at, Walters Music Venue. Also, What an Awesome, Fantastic Voice George Fox Has and we love your Songs. Hope, you do another Concert

    Quote close: ~ Wendy